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The Guide for Understanding the End of Times

The Guide for Understanding the End of Times is about viewing the New Covenant in its proper context. Once the clues are in order, the whole picture becomes clear, and we see the end-times correctly. Currently, there are numerous end-times theories because there are numerous denominations, having their own perspective. However, the first disciples showed us what the end-times is about when they asked Jesus, “When will you restore the kingdom to Israel?” This is the perspective we need because it matches the Old Testament, the focus of the prophets, the New Covenant context, and the new Jerusalem details. Join the process of discovering facts from history!


Just Judgment

The case of reality vs error

The conviction of this book is to demonstrate how everyday facts of life do point our attention to the meaning of life. These facts of life are all around us, yet many are mostly blinded to them or distracted with their own agendas.

In this book, I will provide evidence of where human beings came from, what makes up our world as we experience it, how we got to this point, and what is to come. Please take a ride on this discovery adventure through history and many languages.

Robert Marr is an enthusiastic teacher and student of the scriptures and all types of history. He grew up in a Southern Baptist church and, at age sixteen, had a fiery born-again encounter with the Messiah Jesus. Since discovering the context of the scriptures, Robert has been researching all that pertains to the Old and New Covenant and the impending prophecies.